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The Cook Street Market
Moka House
Food Country
Cook and Sutlej
Taken from in front of "The Cook Street Market," this shot looks north along the east sidewalk of Cook Street. (This is also the photo used as a background for this site) The Cook Street Village has become a popular place for people to meet and talk over a cup of coffee. Food Country is one of two grocery stores serving Fairfield residents. This photo was taken from the corner of Cook and Sutlej and looks south by the Fish _ Chips shop.
In front of the Fish _ Chips Restaurant
Cook Street Market
Trees by The Cook Street Market
Street Scene in Winter
This photo was taken from in front of the Fish _ Chips shop and, again, looks south along the sidewalk. John, who owns and operates "The Cook Street Market" tends to one of his customers. The Cook Street Village's Horse Chestnut trees are a significant part of its character and ambience. Even in winter, the Village trees dominate the streetscape and define the area's character.
The Proposed Development Site
This photo shows the Cook and Sutlej property now.



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