New Documents

Click here to read the final staff report to council regarding the Cook _ Sutlej project (PDF document; 5.5 megabytes)..

Index of Old Documents

City of Victoria Staff Reports

If you'd like to see what staff have to say about the project, we've uploaded two PDF files containing an April 11, 2003 report and a May 30, 2003 report. The April 11 report contains staff comments regarding the original proposal. The May 30 report contains revised specifications for the Cook _ Sutlej development.

June 11, 2003 Report (for the Web: 664 Kilobytes)

June 11, 2003 Report (for printing: 16 Megabytes)

May 30, 2003 Report (for the Web: 604 Kilobytes)

May 30, 2003 Report (for printing: 12.8 Megabytes)

April 11, 2003 Report (for the Web: 1.37 Megabytes)

April 11, 2003 Report (for printing: 32 Megabytes)

City of Victoria Policy _ Guide Documents related to development of The Cook Street Village _ Other Areas

In addition to the current guidelines for development of The Cook Street Village, there are a number of City of Victoria documents that support the opinion of many that the proposed development should not be allowed to go ahead. For example, "The Suburban Neighbourhoods (community plans for Victoria neighbourhoods, including Fairfield)," promotes the retention of existing housing stock and neighbourhood character.

However, the developer is taking advantage of other City of Victoria policies outlined in new and existing documents that promote higher densities if certain criterion are met. For example, the draft "City of Victoria Density Bonus Policy" allows for higher densities if property developers incorporate an aspect that is seen to benefit the community.

You can access some of these documents by clicking here. The following documents are compiled into a PDF file (approximately 2.7 MB in size):

  • City of Victoria Density Bonus Policy
  • City of Victoria Public Art Policy
  • City of Victoria Social Planning Development Review Guidelines
  • The Suburban Neighbourhoods (Victoria Neighbourhood Community Plans)
  • Updated Fairfield Community Plan
  • Cook Street Village--Strategies to Protect and Enhance the Existing Streetscape Elements
  • According to Growth Strategies, Neighbourhood Villages

To save the document to your computer for future use, "right-click" on the link and then choose "Save target as. . ." The document is provided in PDF format and is approximately 2.7 Megabytes in size. If you are connected using a modem, it may take some time to download


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