Current information can be viewed at City Hall.

Click here for a copy of the site plan, elevations, and rooftop garden plans for the proposed development (as provided in the package for Committee of the Whole; PDF format).

View of building at Cook and Sutlej

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Facing Cook Street

View of Cook and Sutlej Building from Sutlej

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Back of Cook Street Building

Aerial drawing of the Sutlej Building

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These paintings were not accepted by the FCA Planning and Zoning Committee in February 2004. Written agreements were made March 1 with the Fairfield Community Association forwarding to City Council a letter of non-objection but with conditions.

Cook Street Village Design Guidelines

The architect for the proposed development has rejected the "heritage vocabulary" in favour of his contemporary design. The architect calls a "heritage vocabulary" a mistake and argues that the surrounding community is reflected in the materials used and the articulation of the building he's designed.

The contemporary design flies in the face of what the community and City collaboratively specified in the Cook Street Guidelines. Many in the community believe the heritage flavour of the neighbourhood and Village are worthy of genuine conservation and that using contemporary designs will weaken the character aspect of the neighbourhood. Many residents have said they don't want Victoria or the Village to become "just another North American City.

The recent development of the Italian bakery and new pub in the Oak Bay Village are excellent examples of the type of development many community members would rather see. Both developments appear to be successful and clearly compliment the overall heritage flavour of the Oak Bay Village. In fact, the Oak Bay Community Plan outright rejects "extreme West Coast" architecture.

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