To have your letter recorded on the public record, send your letter to Mayor and Council. If you wish to have dialogue with individual councilors, click on the appropriate link below.

Remember that correspondance with public servants, can be open to the public. Please be respectful.

Click here to send an e-mail to Mayor and Council. Or correspond with individual councilors by using the e-mail links below.

City of Victoria:


#1 Centennial Square
Victoria, BC
V8W 1P6



Mayor Alan Lowe:


Ph: 361-0200 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Denise Savoie:


Ph: 361-0220 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Pamela Madoff:


Ph: 361-0221 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Rob Fleming:


Ph: 361-0216 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Dean Fortin:


Ph: 361-0218 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Helen Hughes:


Ph: 361-0217 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Coucnillor Bea Holland:


Ph: 361-0222 | Facsimile: 361-0348

Councillor Charlayne Thornton-Joe:


Ph: 361-0219 | Facsimile: 361-0248

Councillor Chris Coleman:


Ph: 361-0223 | Facsimile: 361-0248

Fairfield Community Association


1330 Fairfield Road
Victoria, BC
V8S 5J1




Citizens for Preservation of The Cook Street Village


C/O Fairfield Community Association
Attention: Cornelia Lange
1330 Fairfield Road
Victoria, BC
V8S 5J1




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